Try This: Why You Need a High-Quality Water Filter and How to Find One

There’s a growing water crisis in many cities in America, and I’m not just talking about Flint, Michigan, or Jackson, Mississippi.

The water system is slowly crumbling everywhere across the country—even big cities and suburbs are showing signs of contamination with heavy metals and toxic chemicals.

In fact, the Natural Resources Defense Council estimates that 56 percent of the US population drinks from a water system that has detectable levels of lead.

Even though this is pretty much common knowledge, I’m continuously amazed by how many folks still aren’t using a water filter, and the ones who do are using poor solutions.

I once heard a health expert say…

“Either you have a filter, or you become the filter!” That quote hit me hard.

Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite water filters you can use in place of ordinary filters. This newsletter is for anyone who is looking to radically upgrade their water quality.

And for anyone who needs a reminder, I’ll also be sharing four reasons why our tap water is super contaminated (yes, even here in the United States!) just in case you needed more proof for why you need a filter.

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Let’s jump in!

Three Reasons You Need a High-Quality Water Filter

  1. Millions of Americans’ tap water is unsafe to drink: An estimated 12.8 million lead pipes are still in use today across all 50 states, affecting the drinking water of nearly 9.2 million US homes. This is super alarming because lead is a neurotoxin that can do serious damage to our brain health and our gut health when we’re exposed to it long-term.
  2. It’s not just lead: Other heavy metals like copper, arsenic, and mercury, radioactive elements like radium and uranium, chlorine, toilet-paper particles, volatile organic compounds, PFAS, and microplastics are found in tap water as well.
  3. Our guidelines are outdated: Isn’t it the government’s job to be protecting us? You would think! But the EPA hasn’t made amendments to the federal Safe Water Drinking Act since 1996 despite evolving science showing the dangers of contaminants in our drinking water at levels much lower than what is currently considered “safe.”

Know the Top Contaminants in Your Drinking Water

Until the government steps up, the nonprofit Environmental Working Group (EWG) has stepped in and set stringent standards for the safe upper limit for hundreds of contaminants in our water supply. You can see the levels of contaminants in your municipality’s water supply by using the EWG Tap Water Database.

Try This

Since the government is dragging its feet on the issue, it’s up to us to protect ourselves from unsafe drinking water. Until policy changes are made upstream by our government, this is what we have to do.

Here are my two favorite water filters that fit any budget.

  1. AquaTru Carafe. AquaTru’s countertop reverse-osmosis filter is glass (which is super rare and a good option if you’re trying to avoid plastics) and uses reverse-osmosis technology, which offers some of the strongest protection against contaminants in water. Here is a full list of substances the AquaTru Carafe filter removes.Reverse osmosis-filtered water can typically only be achieved from a system that you install under the sink. But AquaTru is changing the game and making reverse osmosis water more convenient, affordable, and accessible with their Carafe filter. And they were kind enough to give my Try This community an additional $100 off when you click this link
  2. Zero Water Filter Pitcher. The Zero Water filter is similar in price to a standard Brita filter, but it filters out more contaminants. In addition to inorganic chemicals, heavy metals, and dissolved substances, it even filters out PFAS! I’m not affiliated with Zero; I’m just a fan of how they’re making higher-quality water filters available at a great price.

A Friendly Reminder: Don’t Forget to Change Your Filter!

One important thing to remember with filters is that you need to make sure you’re changing them by the recommended date. This is one of the reasons that I’m a big fan of AquaTru, because you’ll get an alert on the device telling you it’s time to change the filter.

Changing filters is something that most people forget to do, which can lead to higher levels of contaminants in the water and totally defeats the purpose of a filter. So that I don’t forget, I’ll set a reminder on my phone to change the filter, just in case.

Adding Back in the “Good”

And lastly, because water filters remove the bad stuff (like pesticides, heavy metals, and VOCs) and the good stuff (like magnesium, calcium, and other trace minerals), you’re going to want to replace the minerals lost with something like these trace mineral drops to make sure you’re hydrating appropriately.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that drinking water is an ongoing issue in this country, but cities like Newark are setting positive examples that making real progress is possible. After a five-year fight with the city, Newark citizens won the battle for clean drinking water, and 23,000 lead pipes were replaced across the city.

This just goes to show that it is possible to make a change when motivation from citizens is high and the leaders in charge are willing to devote the effort and resources it takes to make it happen.

As of right now, until momentum builds to address our infrastructure problem, the fastest and most effective way to protect yourself from polluted drinking water is to use a good quality filter.

Here’s to hydration that you can feel good about,
Dhru Purohit

UPDATE (11/10/22):

My dear friend Dr. Mark Burhenne (Ask the Dentist) reached out to me after this newsletter was released to let me know that ZeroWater is under scrutiny for having potentially high levels of microplastics in their filter pitchers. This was based on a Consumer Labs report released in 2020 calling out Zero, but they denied the allegations saying, 

“… contrary to the Consumer Labs report, our EPA certified lab reports that our flter removes micro plastic, with an overall reduction percentage of 99%. We duplicated the Consumer Labs test and confirmed that our ZeroWater filter has nothing to do with this issue, however, when the pitcher is not properly washed per instructions, we did get similar results. We are in the process of making the washing instructions more prominent and also ensuring that our factory is adhering to our high standard of quality. 

The folks at Consumer Labs beg to differ and claim that ZeroWater’s response is not 100 percent accurate, which has led to an ongoing battle between the two. Until we receive more information and follow-up test results from both Consumer Labs and ZeroWater, I would lean towards recommending the AquaTrue Carafe instead. 

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