Try This: Level Up Your Almond Milk

Today I’m sharing four reasons why most almond milk on the market today kind of sucks and how to spot a clean almond milk brand with wholesome, no-BS ingredients that’s high quality and sustainably produced.

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Let’s jump in!

Three Reasons Why Most Almond Milk Sucks

  1. Thickening agents that harm the gut. Gums and emulsifiers are often used to create a more desirable milk-like texture. They are considered safe by the FDA but can contribute to leaky gut and bloating in people who are sensitive (I just so happen to be one of them, and I avoid these in my diet as best I can).Some of the gums commonly used in plant-based milk alternatives are gellan, locust bean, and guar gum. Carrageenan, the most dangerous of them all, has thankfully been phased out of most commercial almond milk brands for being a potential carcinogen.
  2. Insane amounts of added sugar. Flavored almond milk, creamers, and dairy products typically contain a ton of added sugar—I’m talking upwards of 10 grams or more per serving! Look for almond milk products that are plain, unsweetened, and contain zero grams of added sugar.
  3. Bad for the bees and environment. Beekeeping practices used to pollinate almond mega-farms are putting major stress on bee colonies and are a major contributor to Colony Collapse Disorder, with over one-third of bees in the US reported dead due to disease, parasites, and pesticide toxicity. An estimated 35 billion pounds of pesticides are used on almonds every year, which is not only killing the bees, but also wiping out beneficial plants, animals, insects, and destroying the soil health.

Try This

I know that drawing attention to the downfalls of almond milk can feel like a buzzkill, especially if you use almond milk regularly like me.

But the intention of this newsletter (and all of my Try This swaps) is not to scare you away from enjoying the things you love. My goal is to help raise awareness around the little nuances in health-food products (like almond milk) that could be getting in the way of you reaching your health goals.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s jump into some companies that are committed to making cleaner, high-quality almond milk: 

  • New Barn Organics. This is my absolute favorite almond milk and my go-to for making lattes and protein shakes at home. New Barn doesn’t use any filler ingredients, they are super committed to sourcing transparency, and they take pride in their small-scale, dry-farming, and sustainable agriculture practices. (Dry farming is a practice that collects and preserves rainwater in the soil that can be drawn out and used to water almond crops for a longer period of time.)You can purchase New Barn Organics Unsweetened Almond Milk at local natural food stores on the West Coast. If you’re on the East Coast, you can buy New Barn Organic’s Unsweetened Almond Milk online directly from their site.
  • Malk Organics. Malk is another clean brand that has no gums, fillers, or additives, and it is more widely available. You can find Malk’s Unsweetened Organic Almond Milk or Organic Vanilla Almond Milk at most Target and Walmart stores.
  • Three Trees Original Organic Almond Milk. This is another clean almond milk brand whose only ingredients are filtered water and organic almonds. The Three Trees website states their almond milk is committed to 100 percent sustainable practices.

Here’s to cleaner almond milk,
Dhru Purohit

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