Episode 222

7 Ways to Protect Your Brain from Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation (Especially at Night!)

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On today’s episode of The Dhru Purohit Podcast, I share 7 tips for protecting your brain from harmful electromagnetic radiation. 

  1. Don’t plug your cell phone into the wall next to your bed when you sleep. Ideally, put it on the opposite side of the room.
  2. Don’t leave anything else plugged in next to your head, bed or night stand. This includes an alarm clock, lamp, lights, or any other device that plugs into a wall. Anything plugged into a wall emits some amount of dirty electricity and for a lot of people that’s where the bulk of their EMF exposure comes from.
  3. Avoid using your laptop or cell phone while it’s charging.
  4. Avoid sleeping with your head or body near a wall that has an electric panel or electric appliance on the other side.
  5. If you have kids remember their brains are smaller, remove any devices that are plugged in their rooms next to their beds. Their skulls aren’t as thick as adults, so they are at greater risk.
  6. Turn your Wi-Fi off at night and if you can’t, don’t have your Wi-Fi in your room at night when you sleep. This goes for Wi-Fi routers or extenders. 
  7. Consider using an earthing mat for your bed.

Also mentioned in this episode:

  • Dr. De-Kun Li, Senior Research Scientist at the Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente
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Dhru Purohit

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