Episode 201

Top Nutrients for a Better Brain

With Dr. Drew Ramsey

Depression and anxiety disorders are rising, affecting more than fifty-eight million people in the United States alone. Many rely on therapy and medications to alleviate symptoms but often this is not enough. The latest scientific advances in neuroscience and nutrition, along with our understanding of the mind-gut connection, have proven that how and what we eat greatly affects how we feel physically, cognitively, and emotionally. 

On today’s Broken Brain Podcast, I talk to Dr. Drew Ramsey about the twelve most important nutrients for brain health and some of the most insightful studies to back them up. We often hear about omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D for mood imbalances, so you may be surprised to learn that iron, zinc, choline, and vitamin A are a few others that are crucial. Dr. Ramsey explains the mechanisms behind these essential nutrients and which foods we can find them in. 

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I hope you enjoyed this conversation as much as I did.
Wishing you health and happiness.
Dhru Purohit

In this Episode, you will learn

  1. Dr. Ramsey’s struggle with anxiety and depression
  2. Why iron is important for brain health
  3. The importance of omega-3 fats for brain health and tips for incorporating more seafood into your diet
  4. Antidepressant Food Scale (AFS)
  5. The top food categories to beat depression and anxiety
  6. Kale controversy
  7. The importance of having variety in your diet
  8. The connection between metabolic health and mental health
  9. The benefits of choline and vitamin A for brain health
  10. How COVID has exacerbated the climbing rates of anxiety and depression


Dhru Purohit

Dhru is the host of the Dhru Purohit Podcast, a top 30 health podcast with over 30 million downloads.

As an entrepreneur, Dhru is also the CEO Dr. Hyman Enterprises, Farmacy and the UltraWellness Center, a functional medicine based clinic that specializes in treating chronic disease through personalized medicine.

Dr. Drew Ramsey

Dr. Drew Ramsey is a psychiatrist, author, farmer, and founder of the Brain Food Clinic in New York City, offering treatment and consultation for depression, anxiety and emotional wellness concerns. He is the author of three books, most recently the award-winning cookbook Eat Complete: The 21 Nutrients that Fuel Brain Power, Boost Weight Loss and Transform Your Health. He lives with his wife and two children in New York City and on their 127-acre organic farm in rural Indiana.

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