The Power of Quitting and Letting Go

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Today on The Broken Brain Podcast, I talk about the power of quitting and letting go.

When’s the right time to let go of something? A relationship, a project, an investment?

Seasoned investors have this great question for determining whether or not they should hold onto an investment. The question goes a little something like this: “If I wasn’t already invested in this business, would I invest in it today, knowing what I know?” Feel free to replace business with relationship, project, or friendship.

The beauty of this question is that it cuts through the rationalization tactics that our mind uses to deal with our fear of loss. Sometimes we’re so scared of losing something, or admitting that it isn’t working, that it’s easier to pretend that it isn’t an issue than it is to deal with it.

The challenge with pretending is that it just prolongs the inevitable pain and, more importantly, makes it harder to genuinely turn things around.

When’s the right time to let go? Notice if the main reason you are holding onto something is primarily because you’re afraid of losing it, that may be a good sign.

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