Episode 164

Monsanto’s World of Deception, Greed, and Glyphosate

With Carey Gillam

Known as Monsanto’s Roundup by consumers, and as glyphosate by scientists, the world’s most popular weed killer is used everywhere from backyard gardens to golf courses to millions of acres of farmland. It’s the pesticide on our dinner plates, a chemical so pervasive it’s in the air we breathe, our water, our soil, and even found increasingly in our own bodies. For decades, it’s been touted as safe enough to drink, but a growing body of evidence indicates just the opposite, with research tying the chemical to cancers and a host of other health threats.  

On today’s Broken Brain Podcast, I talk to Carey Gillam about the health hazards of glyphosate, one of the most widely-used herbicides, which is most commonly found in the weedkiller Roundup. We discuss Monsanto’s efforts to promote increased uses of glyphosate, and how Monsanto (now Bayer) is facing thousands of lawsuits from customers who now have cancer. We also talk about how most of us are probably consuming several different pesticides in our daily meals, and what we can do to avoid them. 

For more on Carey Gillam you can follow her on Twitter @careygillam, and through her website https://careygillam.com/. Get Carey’s book, Whitewash: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science, at https://careygillam.com/book.

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I hope you enjoyed this conversation as much as I did.
Wishing you health and happiness.
Dhru Purohit

In this Episode, you will learn

  1. Rachel Carson’s warning about the unrestricted use of pesticides
  2. How Carey Gillam started reporting on Monsanto and glyphosate
  3. Monsanto’s argument for why the world needs GMO foods and Roundup Ready crops
  4. The first concerns over the use of glyphosate-based herbicides
  5. How Carey became a target of the industry and how Monsanto tried to silence her
  6. The deception behind Monsanto and the safety of glyphosate
  7. How the public and lawmakers were fooled to believe that glyphosate is safe
  8. Lawsuits against Monsanto
  9. How the public and lawmakers were fooled to believe that glyphosate is safe 
  10. Lawsuits against Monsanto
  11. Why we need to pay attention to what’s happening in our food system and the importance of getting corporate wealth out of Washington
  12. The truth about the chemicals in our food and what you can do about it
  13. The connection between high rates of Covid-19 and junk food consumption
  14. Pesticides in drinking water and rainfall
  15. Carey’s upcoming book, The Monsanto Papers
  16. Where listeners can learn more about Carey Gillam


Dhru Purohit

Dhru is the host of the Dhru Purohit Podcast, a top 30 health podcast with over 30 million downloads. His interviews focus on the inner workings of the brain and the body and feature the brightest minds in wellness, medicine, and mindset.

Dhru Purohit is also a serial entrepreneur and investor in the health and wellness industry.

Carey Gillam

Carey Gillam is a veteran investigative journalist with more than 25 years of experience covering corporate news, including 17 years as a senior correspondent for Reuters international news service. She is the author of “Whitewash- The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer and the Corruption of Science,” an expose of corporate corruption in agriculture. The book won the coveted Rachel Carson Book Award from the Society of Environmental Journalists in 2018. Gillam works now as Research Director for the non-profit US Right to Know and as a columnist for The Guardian. Her second book will be out in early 2021.

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