How to Stop Holding Back and Step Into Your Purpose

Welcome to Big Idea Tuesday! 

Today on The Broken Brain Podcast, I talk about how to stop holding back and step into your purpose.

From the beginning of time people have questioned their place on the planet. Our ancestors stared up at the same stars, and asked themselves the same questions we ask ourselves today.

Do I matter? Why am I here? Will my life leave a mark? What’s my purpose?

These are important questions, but their answers can’t be rushed. Because the answers are layers deep, we need to go through life lessons and experiences for them to show up. Those experiences take time.

If we put too much pressure on these questions we’ll drive ourselves into feeling stuck. We’ll hold off building new things and taking new risks. All because we’re waiting to “understand” ourselves before we start. All because we feel we need to know our purpose before we give life our all.

There have been so many times that our lives have been touched by the work of others. And you know what? Those people that touched our lives didn’t have it all figured out. And they didn’t always know if they were headed in the right direction. But their work still touched us. They still left an impact.

What would our life be like if those who impacted us held back? What would our life be like if they kept their gifts hidden from the world?

The bigger questions will always be there. And our answers to them will get clearer and clearer the more we live. Reflection is great, but there’s no need to hold off showing up until we feel like we have figured it all out.

There’s someone out there that needs your work. There’s someone out there that needs you to show up, in only the way that you know how.


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I hope you enjoyed this conversation as much as I did.
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Dhru Purohit

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